Box Shrines



Studio Shrine

Box binding opens to reveal an altar offering a metal scapular with suspended charms or milagroes of symbolic themes in my studio practice — the eye, the hand, the book, the heart, the moon. Side panels feature photocopied images of a sea of hands from a previous valentine collage, as well as anatomical charts and diagrams of psychic energy. Made as a companion to Scapular for the League of Lapsed Catholic Girls, this piece is subtitled “Alternative Scapular.” Book cloth, binder’s board, handmade Moriki paper, brass nails, telephone wire, metal charms. 6 1/4″x 6 1/4″ closed; extends to 18″. ____________________________________________________________



Shrine for Auspicious Beginnings

This assemblage shrine to encourage blessings at the onset of new ventures is centered in a box binding of book cloth and Davey board. Nepalese glass amulet of Ganesh is surrounded by a Tree of Life made from brass nails and telephone wire and a background paste painting by the artist. Xerox imagery on Japanese paper includes winds of the four directions, the four Daughters of Righteousness, the eight Chinese auspicious signs, and four male guides often seen at the crossroads–the shaman, the troubador musician, the Tin Woodman of Oz (who always remembers his heart), and the danceman (Mr. Astaire). Closed dimensions 6.5″ x 7.5″.

In the collection of Tom and Sue Knight.




Shrine to Ganesh

Portable shrine opens from a box binding with central altar of artist dyed paper and metal assemblage of brass nails and telephone wire defining a Tree of Life. Flap panels feature imagery conducive to auspicious beginnings. Xerography on book cloth. 6 1/4″ x 7 1/4″, extends to 18″.

A fascimile exists in the collection of Dirk Gillespie.

ganeshdetailwr.jpg Shrine to Ganesh, detail




Peru Shrine

Portable box binding opens to reveal central altar offering a wire and ceramic assemblage over a photo image from a Peruvian Church folk painting. Side panels feature photocopied images from the Nazca Lines and other scared sites. Book cloth, binders board, Thai handmade paper, telephone wire, brass nails, Peruvian ceramic figurine. 6″ x 6″ closed; extends to 18″.


Peru Shrine, detail


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