Collage and Assemblage


Artist’s Tool Belt: an Homage to Muriel Castanis


Artist’s Tool Belt: an Homage to Muriel Castanis, detail.



Three Dreams

Photo collage on black paper in oak frames: paper collage over vintage postcards with transparent overlays in vintage German black leather frames. Made for a “Paper Doll” exhibition sponsored by The Nebraska Women’s Caucus for Art.

11″ x 18″.



Scapular for the League of Lapsed Catholic Girls

Mixed media commentary of the mystery of blood and the usurpation of the power of women in Catholicism. Xerox heat transfers, ink, embroidery, machine sewing on cotton and silk. Censored from the BAD GIRLS, MIDWEST exhibition at the College of St. Mary, Omaha, Nebraska in 1995.

Each panel measures 8′ x 10″.



Frida Kahlo Breastplate


Frida Kahlo Breastplate, detail.



Postmodern Bookcase


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