Self-Portrait Wall Book


Self Portrait Wall Book

Produced in 1998 for Two Views of Self: An Exhibition of Nebraska Artists curated by Jaime Reiman Hackbart, in which invited artists could make any form of self portrait from two provided 9″x 11″metal plates. Binders board, book cloth, Moriki paper, black and silver ink, metal slides frames, film transparencies, brass nails and hooks. 20″x 30″.

Left panel, with a spiral of photos of the artist from each decade, is titled Several Portraits: My Eventual Friends. The letterpress text reads:

The problem with self identity is not just a problem for the young. It is a problem all the time. Perhaps the problem. It should haunt old age, and when it no longer does, it should tell you you are dead. — Norman Maclean

Right panel is titled Self Portrait at 50: Bemused, in Beret. Text reads:

I don’t know whether the inward work in achieving something or whether it is simply the autumn light, but I begin to see my way again,
which means to resume myself.
— May Sarton


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