Mixed media print with color xerox transfer, found anatomical printers cuts, and wood engraved eye by the artist. 36 copies produced for Sock & Kiss, a letterpress print portfolio exchange organized by John Risseeuw and Gordon Fluke for A Print Odyssey 2001, at The Cortona International Print Symposium. 25 copies pulled for the artist. Arches MBM Cover. 11″x 14″

Bottom text reads:

My 45-year old friend Karen died unexpectedly a few days before last Christmas. She had been battling depression, high blood pressure, cardiac irregularities and the stress of parenting two children alone while earning a degree. Her family and friends assumed the diagnosis of heart attack or stroke, but were shocked when an autopsy revealed her preventable death was the result of a diabetic coma. Though routine a generation ago, autopsies have become quite rare. If one had not been ordered for Karen, her children would have been denied vital genetic knowledge. When there is doubtful cause, consider the Autopsy.



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